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It’s not tetris, it’s not sudoku, it’s not a cross-word, it’s not scrabble…  it’s huedoku, the intuitive color puzzle unlike any other. You think that you can front when rev-halation comes?

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Four colors blend

to create the color matrix.

Every colored swatch in the puzzle
is mixed of the four corner colors.
The colors are in relationship.
When the colors are placed in order, you will see “halation”.

Watch the video from the creator of the color matrix.

Once scrambled, you slide the color swatches back into place.

You can start play with your training wheels, in levels 1-3, a small circle indicates that a color needs to be moved.
huedoku tracks your time and moves to calculate your “huedocient” and rewards you with your skill for each puzzle: Glimmer, Bright, Brilliant or Enlightened.

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Take the huedoku Quiz

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Challenging and Educational for Designers and Artists

Because the colors seem to change. Color is relative. Now its grey– woop — now it’s pink– woop — now it’s green.

Illuminating and Fun for Kids

When you let go, and let harmony flow you see Halation! And the puzzle comes together easily Because the colors relate, they sing when they are together.

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What is huedoku?

I am a puzzle.
You sort colors.

What an awesome job.
All you have to do is put the colors in order.

And the best part?
You always know when it’s not right.
You can just see it.

Color Relationship is so misunderstood in our culture’s groupthink of visual literacy.
Seemingly simple, your dedication to color relationship is rewarded
as you dive through a fascinating portal of awareness.
Technology has made color mastery available to us all.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about color.
In an app.


What do I get?

What do we think huedoku might do for you?
Improve your ability to blend color. Improve color appreciation, understanding and skill. Relax all of us from our addiction to instant dopamine hits off of facebook. Help people with dyslexia to gain confidence in sorting. Improve everyone’s experience of color by exercising the part of your brain that makes more color distinctions.
Are these all true? Who knows? It’s fun and you get better the more you play.

huedoku stats

Average # of seconds to complete a 5×5 Puzzle for each Gallery

Maui Colors
Vanishing Boundaries
Van Gogh
World Cities


“huedoku will change the way you see both color and the world.” Barry Rivers, Founder/Director of the Maui Film Festival
“A wonderful mind bender for your anti-Alzheimer’s diet” Angel Hendrix
“An addicting game for sharpening your color knowledge”  Curtis Wilson Cost, artist Maui
“It is a totally unique creation, addictive, and fun. It exercises a part of the brain most of us never use. I’m really impressed with the quality of the gameplay and so glad to see an awesome app coming from friends on Maui.” David Fry, technologist
“huedoku feeds the psyche and fosters creativityNadine Naia Newlight, writer, educator
“I’ve worked with enough patients who have experienced a heightened sense of color perception that translates to their daily life that I can confidently say playing huedoku just 10 minutes a week can improve you color vision” Harris Masket M.D., Oakland, CA

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