let color set you free

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The original color sorting puzzle game.
A puzzle that makes you relax.

Same Same
Or Different

The ultimate color illusion game.
Suspend your perception.


Wrap photos.in puzzles and share.
Exclusively in The Netherlands.

relax in harmony

As Sudoku is to numbers and Tetris is to shapes, Huedoku is the language of color.

therapeutic and relaxing

brain training

Playing Huedoku enhances your distinctions of color. You not only learn color theory, you break open your visual perception.

To play, choose four colors from a photo.

From your colors, we do the math, applying centuries of color breakthroughs and the wonders of digital technology to blend a perfectly balanced harmonious color puzzle.

Optical encryption?
We prefer to think of it as gift wrapping.

You share your photo, wrapped in a puzzle– make it easy, solved in a matter of seconds, or more challenging. It’s up to you.

We take pride in carrying on the legacy of the great color masters throughout history.

It’s easy to get consumed on social media with superficial desires for affirmation, often without feeling a true connection. Huedoku offers an authentic and novel way to share photos that deepens your engagement with your friends on social media.

Are you really looking?

With the digital technology of the 21st century making color more accessible, our mission is to bring color grammar and visual literacy to all.

Founding Team

Gabriel Mott


Dave Scruton


Bryan Berkowitz

Software Architecture

Joeri Tann


Che Mott

Advisor: Global Venture Forum

Zachary Tousignant

Color Mathematics

Celine Casamina

Business Development

Sambath Yann


Advisory Board

Dick Nelson

Yale Albers Color Course

Bevil Conway

Harvard/Wellesley Neuroscience