Colors of my Honolulu: S0101 The Pink Hotel

CAPTION: “Pink Hotel”
LOCATION: Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
COLORS: Hibiscus, Terracotta, Ultramarine, Wewak
SIZE: 6×6
CLUES: Yes, Difficulty 1
CREATOR: Gabriel Mott, Honolulu, HI
FEELING: amused, nostalgia, cliche

What’s one Color Insight you can share about this photo?
I love the shadows on the pink building, the values of the pink and orange are so close it makes a near vanishing boundary making the glow almost seem brighter than the wall in the sunlight. Of course it’s not.

How much time do you spend on the beach checking out this Pink Hotel?
Actually near none. Really just took the shot because it’s funny to me and kind of cool that there is a pink hotel.

Why did you choose this photo?
When I decided to share “The Colors in my Life” from imagery living in Honolulu, I assumed people expect sunsets and rainbows from paradise. But having been here still under a year, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only ventured outside the well worn path my scooter makes on the commute between home in Waikiki and the office(s) in Chinatown a dozen times. When I thought of the color in Waikiki, The Pink Hotel is what came to mind first. Not that I’ve spent much time here or really hang out at the beach in front much, but’s gloriously pastel pink, like it time travelled out of a 1984 Miami Vice episode.


About the Creator:
Gabriel Mott who falls asleep imagining what colors make the easiest huedoku puzzle, still only knows about 13 different color names.
Artist, App-creator, Designer, Dick Nelson Student
He is also CEO and co-founder of Huedoku Labs @huedoku