elation halation station 11/22/14

Elation Halation Station : huedoku at the Maui Tropical Plantation

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Come play the yet to be released new color puzzle app that will bend the plastic of your mind and reshape your synapses. Announcing: huedoku!

Attend artCORE elation to participate. We will have some great prizes and a final match, head to head of the two best players at 8pm in the Main Stage room of the Mill House.

It’s the Elation Halation Station @ The Plantation.
Get your color RevElation.
Thank you artCORE Maui for the perfect theme.

Qualify for the championship from 6pm-8pm.
Don’t worry, most of you will be brand new to huedoku so we will have a huedocrew to assist you in learning the game.

And don’t be discouraged, you’ve got to play at least a few times to comprehend the radical rearrangement of color in the huedoku color matrix.

Check out the crowdfunding campaign and be a part of gifting color vision. And help us get some great prizes for the elation halation station at the plantation.


See you there!