Guest Artist: Kit Gentry

kit gentry huedoku

A well accomplished Maui artist prior to attending the Albers’ color course taught by Dick Nelson, an explosion of luminosity in Kit Gentry’s color palette coincided with his graduation. Kit is the first guest artist to create huedoku puzzles that correspond to paintings he has created. You won’t be disappointed with a visit to his website where he shares his process and includes many closeups. It’s in the details that you discover how his colors take on such life.

The Guest Artist series is part of an ongoing effort to highlight the work of contemporary artists with a particularly strong sense of color interaction. Puzzles are created from the color palettes of different pieces in a variety of manners, in some cases sampling the broadest of color ranges, other times emphasizing a particular theme or optical effect. In each case, we intend that the spirit of the work is reflected and that a new way of seeing each piece is highlighted.

Kit Gentry website



Veil of Morning




I acquired the colors using the eyedropper tool. In most cases, the colors were selected from a very restricted area of each painting, so that a puzzle doesn’t necessarily reflect the colors of the original work as a whole, but only some section of it. In other cases, they may be a more complete reflection of the painting. But that was actually difficult, since I was aiming to get as many equal-value relationships as possible, and the images obviously have a wide diversity of value overall.Kit on creating the color palettes for huedoku

Waimea Canyon


Living Color


The Edge of the Wilderness


The Kit Gentry Color Pack, one of the most challenging as it’s nearly all flexing your hue cognition, is available in huedoku.