huedoku Color Pack: Vanishing Boundaries

In the “Vanishing Boundaries” huedoku gallery, the Impressionist artists are honored for their brilliant understanding of color vision technique. The puzzles are based on famous paintings from this era, except with special attention to one of the visual phenomena leverage to create a special luminosity.

In this Color Pack, all the swatches of different hue are of nearly equal value. When value is matched it’s as if they would all look the same grey in a black and white photograph. Read more about this visual phenomena: how the impressionists created such vibrant paintings. One of the more challenging color packs.




huedoku coucher puzzle


“Sunrise”Sunrise“Sunrise” is the first of the two puzzles in this gallery based on Monet’s “Soleil Levant” or in English, “Impression Sunrise”.

Puzzles in level 12 “Mystery” do not reveal the solution prior to play.

“Lis De Nuit”

Lis de Nuit huedoku puzzle

“Soleil Levant”

Soleil Levant