You are Invited: Huedoku Olympics: June 4, 2015

FREE Event! Thursday, June 4,  Evening 6:30PM-9:30PM. Real Office Center in Chinatown, Honolulu. Free Drinks. Cash Prize. And free color packs for huedoku value $20. All FREE!
1110 Nuuanu, Chinatown, Honolulu

As Sudoku is to numbers, Tetris is to shapes, Huedoku is to COLOR!

Huedoku, a fun a color puzzle that opens your mind, was born on Maui 6 months ago and boy did we have fun getting together and geeking out on the game.  This is our first event on Honolulu, after several really fun Huedoku Olympics on Maui. We hosted small gatherings that grew to hundreds. 

It might sound crazy. But this is really fun.
All are welcome!

In Huedoku, you recreate color harmony.

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If you haven’t yet, download Huedoko on the App Store:


At the ROC (Real Office Centers) – amazing new space you have to check out!
7-8 PM Socialize, Learn to Play huedoku
8-9 PM Head to head play
9 PM The Final Match: Cash Prize $50 to the winner

AND you don’t have to play huedoku to come, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how fun it is to be a spectator! Come hang out with fun people playing a fun game.

You’ve still got time to master huedoku.

And it’s FREE!

Get in the mood– watch the colors below, there are only 5 colors created– but the individual colors appear like gradients, watch the edge. Do you see how the colors seem to drag into the other colors as the swatches open? In Huedoku, you move these giant pixels, and in your mind the color will change. And when it’s back where it came from, the colors will glow.

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