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We believe that harmony makes the world a better place. Huedoku is a tool that refines your ability create and see luminosity through color interaction. Join our ambitious intention to spread a wave of color skills and aesthetic appreciation to the world, color mastery for the masses. Huedoku is a completely novel way of experiencing color, allowing you to discover for yourself in minutes what takes some years to understand in art school. We are based on a little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and are entirely community supported. Join our launch to the moon with a contribution. It makes a difference. We’ve spent a year in the jungle creating huedoku, thank you so much for bringing this bootstrapped dream to reality. Mahalo.

Limited Edition Aluminum Giclees

Originally priced at $450, these three Giclees are now available for $299 each. Bring color harmony to your home or office!

20″x20″ Signed Limited Edition Aluminum Giclees

angels aluminum giclee “Angels” from Sfumato Color Gallery
20″x20″ limited edition of 50 aluminum giclee
hana sunrise huedoku “Hana Sunrise” from Maui Colors Gallery
20″x20″ limited edition of 50 aluminum giclee
cafe terrace night huedoku “Cafe Terrace Night” from Van Gogh Gallery
20″x20″ limited edition of 50 aluminum giclee
Red is not a primary
“Red is Not a Primary”
Acrylic on Canvas
Selected for the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center juried show “Primarily Red”
$1800 half price for a limited time $900

The painting “Red Is Not a Primary” is has both visual and conceptual impact. It reveals color interaction, using only three “primary parent” colors, the every blended colors is in relationship revealing halation. Conceptually, this is a comment on the misconception that red is a primary color. Commonly understood Red is actually not a primary color because it cannot make magenta for example, while Magenta when mixed with Yellow makes Red. In this painting only three colors were used, none of them red: Primary Magenta, Quadricone Magenta and Cadmium Yellow.

Contact me by phone (number below) if you would like to become the owner of this artwork. Painting is unframed.

Video of this painting at the Hui Art Opening

Red is not a primary closeup
Closeup of “Red is Not a Primary”