This is Not Digital Snake Oil, huedoku Is Not Tricking You, You Are Tricking You

These are #colorfacts.

Colors swatches appear to change depending on where they are. Color is relative. Dramatically so.

Scrambled on the left.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 1.23.59 AMOrdered on the right

The left and right matrixes, in the picture above, contain the exact same 25 swatches of color.
On the right, each is placed in relationship. On the left, some colors are placed out of order. We’ve chosen five of the colors and drawn a line of equal color to connect the matching pairs on each side.

Look at how different a color appears when out of place. It often seems an entirely different color. Color truly is relative, pushing hue to contrast further with neighboring colors.
The Yellow probably looks most similar on the left and right.
That’s how you master huedoku. Find the color that stands out the most, it probably belongs in the corner because none of the other colors could mix to create it.

We created this image because people don’t believe
we aren’t messing with your head.
We are not messing with your head.
We are not digitally tricking you.
Your own eyes are messing with your head.

Trace one color above with your eyes, follow the bands of color connecting swatches. As your eyes follow, you’ll not be able to track the color. At some point it will appear to change. IT will become something else. So, go back. See if you can be sure.
Look. Test, See.

You still don’t believe it. Good. Because it’s incomprehensible.
Color is relative.
When you solve a huedoku puzzle, the colors sing.
Out of order, the colors are flat.

Playing huedoku, and bio-hacking your color vision, gives you direct access to a certain presence of being. Two beliefs at once, held in a suspendeda moment of awareness. You feel it when you are acutely tracking two parts of your brain, looking at the same thing, and seeing something different. Hovering in that space of vitality, has to have benefit.


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